At Arena Warehouse we take the hassle and risk out of buying and selling used equipment.  Our team is very experienced with used arena equipment and can help you put a value to what you have, or make sure you are paying a fair price for what you are purchasing.

When selling through Arena Warehouse there are just a few simple steps you will need to do prior to Arena Warehouse selling it for you.  We will need four to five good pictures of the equipment, a detailed description to post with the pictures on the website, a quick phone consultation to talk about any unique attributes that could affect the sale, and then a signed contract stating that you are authorizing us to sell the equipment on your behalf.  We will take it from there.  Usually the next time you will hear from us we will have a buyer and will be discussing shipping arrangements.  You can rest easy knowing that the equipment has been paid for and you will be paid upon delivery to the buyer.  Because we are a broker and do not own the equipment, we will never extend terms to a buyer for property that Arena Warehouse does not own directly.  Should you need assistance valuing your equipment, simply call us and we can provide a free phone consultation to make sure you are going to market with a reasonable asking price.

When buying through Arena Warehouse you can be assured that our equipment experts will work with you to make sure you are getting exactly what you expect.  We strongly encourage site visits to look at equipment prior to purchasing.  Once a piece of equipment has been selected and the purchase price established, you will be sent a purchase contract.  To finalize a sale, the purchase contract along with full payment including shipping costs, must be received by Arena Warehouse.  When payment has been cleared, shipping arrangements will be made with the seller and communicated to the buyer as well.  The Arena Warehouse team will assist in all aspects of shipping to make sure the equipment arrives as promised.  Because we are dealing with used equipment, and no two items will be the same, we operate on a strict first come first serve basis.  A signed contract can hold a piece of equipment, but the final determining factor will be who has paid for the equipment in full first.  If you see something you like, call us right away to secure it so you don’t miss out.

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