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40' w x 60' L - 10' Radius Corner Dasher Board System

60' x 40' - 10' Radius Corners

42" High Dasher Boards

Athletic Aluminum Frame Dasher Boards System

Shielding and Shielding Supports Included with System

1/2" x 4' high acrylic sides

1/2" x 8' high acrylic on ends and corners.

1/2" thick red caprail

1/2" thick white poly facing

1/2" thick yellow poly kickplate

(3 ea) radius access gates.

Boards and Shielding are in EXCELLENT condition.

*Inline flooring is NOT included with the sale*

**Boards and currently in storage and ready to ship**

Asking $40,000.00 OBO

INTERESTED? Submit an inquiry.


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